The queen of rap is surely here to stay and is not planning on going anywhere anytime soon. With Cardi B coming into the limelight, this has withdrawn people’s attention from Nicki Minaj as the queen of pop. Critics’ have even suggested that ‘Nicki’s times up!’

It is quite interesting though on how the Anaconda hit maker has really been struggling to find love. Could we say that she just has a bad taste when it comes to men? Or maybe its just bad luck? But imagine how cool it is to just brag like “Bruh, I’ve dated the one and only Nicki Minaj baby!!!” That’s real respect over there bruh. Nicki on her side, I’d say she has screwed with the who is who in the celebrity world and she is not taking that back coz she is the boss lady. Let’s just say she’s tasted every flavor, from vanilla to pistachio.

  1. Nas

This is just funny, this guy never even got a chance to celebrate Valentine’s with Nicki Minaj. They started dating last year in May and barely a year into it… they called it quits this January. And the reason for the breakup was also as funny as the relationship was; ‘the relationship ran out of steam and fizzled out due to both rappers living in opposite sides of the country.’

  1. Future

Rapper and music producer, Future has also gone down this lane with his also lasting barely months. From last year January to April, and that was it. But at least he got to join the list of famous personalities who’ve been with Nicki. Most of all he got to spend Valentine’s with the curvy rapper, a chance Nas still loathes for.

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  1. Meek Mill

When their relationship came to the limelight, everybody thought he was the so called Mr. Right. Speculations even grew as rumors of Meek walking Nicki down the aisle arose after their engagement. But, apparently a ring isn’t enough to lock down the most wanted queen in the industry. In January last year, Nicki ended what they had after an explosive fight between her and Meek during her birthday getaway.

  1. Zac Efron

This was a rumored relationship that never really went public but incidences of the couple being seen together were common then in 2013. But I would have loved to see the two as a couple.

  1. Lil Wayne

Lil Wayne is vividly known for speaking explicitly about Nicki Minaj in his songs, a battle he has had with Drake for a very long time. This was evident after they did the song Only which saw Lil Wayne criticize that whoever is hittin’ aint hittin’ right. This flame was however for a very short time because they broke up that same year, 2011.

  1. Drake

The rumors might have been real or not but the fact still remains, these two had a thing for each other. Drake publicly declared this in the song only where he claimed: “I’d been peeped that you like me, I aint hittin coz she’s gotta man but when that’s over am first in line.”  The God’s Plan hit maker seems to be the best person for Nicki to go back to especially if she is planning on locking it down with someone.

  1. Safaree Samuels

For the lovers of Love and Hip Hop Hollywood, you definitely know him well. Safaree Samuels, the only guy who was able to keep Nicki for twelve years. All through her rise to fame, he was the one who always got her back, even before her implants. Talk about true love… here it is. However, in 2014 after a long relationship, the couple broke up due to jealousy and fame. Apparently, Safaree could not keep up with the Minajesty and grew jealous of her success.

By Emmanuel Otieno