Earlier today, on The Ellen Show, Nicki Minaj made the shocking revelation that “She doesn’t even want to say that she’s in a relationship” and that Meek is just a boy who likes her.

She said this after rumors were abound that she was engaged to meek. In response to being asked what the rings were about, these were her words on it: “First of all, that’s not an engagement ring,” Nicki said. “I have two rings from this boy who likes me. He said that that’s my second ring and if I get a third ring that that would be the engagement ring.”

On her relationship with Meek, she went further on to say:

“We’re still figuring each other out. In fact, I don’t even want to say I’m in a relationship anymore cause I think when people hear that, they go to a mean place,” Nicki continued. “I used to say I’m not in a relationship even though I was in a 12-year relationship. Then now, [I’m] just going back to that and saying I’m single.”

Dougie Langat