Kendickson is a master of different music genres, from Afrobeat, Hip life, Contemporary to Jollof music. He showcases his diversity with each song that he does. He is fast becoming one of the most sought-after new generation acts in the African music scene. The singer and songwriter has slowly grown his reputation with a slow release of hit songs like Jojo and Blessings. His most recent hit being Wayo which he just released in East Africa during his tour.

Wayo artwork

The song Wayo is a mid-tempo feel-good Afrobeat dance song in which Kendickson professes his feelings to a lover. With a beautiful music video featuring African queens, directed by Clarence Peters, and capturing the song’s storyline with a series of energetic dance scenes; Wayo is set to take over the charts. “I want to assure all my East African fans that I have come to give you nothing but good music,” says Kendickson, “My music is influenced by my immediate environment and the quest in becoming the best of my kind. I hope my fans enjoy this single.”


Kendickson is currently working on his new EP, which is set to drop alongside his new foundation in 2021. With the ongoing protests & campaigns in Nigeria on #EndSars, he firmly states that, “It’s not just about the protest but the people are asking for more, they want power returned to the people because they are tired of oligarchies who claim we practice democracy. They want a Nigeria where the poor can be heard and a nation where true democracy is practiced. No matter how hard you try, you can’t stop a man from fighting back to get what is rightly his and that is what is happening right now.”

Check out the Wayo video below: