hey mama

It’s been a good week for Nicki Minaj as she’s released two music videos, in a span of just two days. She recently released the video to Hey Mama, her third collaborative effort with David Guetta. The video release comes just a day after the double act performed their new single at the 2015 Billboard Music Awards.

In the video released just yesterday, she goes back to her bubble-gum pop roots and even throws on a throwback pink hairpiece for full effect.

hey mama2

The song – which also features Afrojack, gives off a futuristic, fantasy vibe. In the sense that, the first scene sees Guetta conjuring up the essence of Minaj, and she accordingly appears on screen as a hologram of sorts.

The video has multiple elements that blend in together, but, if you’ve been to see Mad Max: Fury Road, the video will conjure up images from the furious Desert rides, only, there’s no blood and gory images of dismembered limbs.

hey mama3

Incidentally, this video comes out right around the same time as the Nicki and Beyoncé “Feeling Myself” video, whose scene is also set in the desert.

Watch the video here and sound off your thoughts on it in the comment section below 🙂