Finally, the most awaited song between Kenya’s gospel sensation Bahati and Wasafi’s Rayvanny dropped days ago. It’s a song between two of the best singers from each country, one a secular artiste while the other is a gospel artiste (??rolls eyes from here to Tandale). The video is out and here are a few observations.

The video begins with the two in one scene where Bahati is playing a piano and Rayvanny is behind him, all clad in white. The simplicity of the setting from the beginning bonds well with the theme of the song. We then see someone walking at a footpath in a farm, before Rayvanny emerges at a tea plantation. The theme is that of transition from poverty to stardom. Rayvanny is seen being dropped by a Land Cruiser where fans run to embrace him but his bodyguard shields him and he escapes. He is then taken to a kibanda where he is served chapo ndondo and being the star he is, he pushes the stuff off his face. At one point he is seen in a car picking a call from his mother and he starts shouting at her, and throws the phone away.

Bahati’s part is well scripted as well. He comes with a convertible BMW being driven by his ‘prayer partner’ ? and we see them high-fiving. It’s a scne that’s directly copied from Harmonize’s ‘Niambie’ though. He then is seen on set with Larry Madowo at the Trend and Bahati keeps wiping his ‘Golden’ shoes all the time, showing arrogance. At one point, Larry has a magazine with the headline “BAHATI QUITS GOSPEL” and this doesn’t go well with Bahati  who decides to walk out on him, with so much ATT.

For a gospel-secular collabo, the song doesn’t pull any artiste to an unwanted zone, as it’s about reminding people where they have come from. The storylines are obvious and I feel they could have been made better. The locations too. The video is done by X-Antonio. Watch the video below and rate it out of ten.