His campaign titled  Ni support na 10 bob is doing great so far if his latest post is anything to go by. In just three days, Boniface has managed to raise Kes 700,000.  At this rate he is going to reach his target of Kes 10 million in a few weeks.
This revelation stunned Kenyans. In a post, Boniface revealed
 “Kenyans, we’re changing our politics. In just 3 days you’ve raised over 700k! Send me to bunge. Make the change happen. Keep contributing. #JoinBonnie1MillionChallenge #StareheNiBonnie”

Last Friday June 2nd, Boniface disclosed that he had spent Kes 3.2 million on his campaign which was had been raised by well-wishers.

He stated that his budget for his campaign was Kes 13 million which he said would be used to pay campaign staff, print campaign posters, flyers, billboards, campaign merchandise etc. See a few excerpts from Boniface’s post below.

“#JoinBonnie1MillionChallenge is a request to all my followers to donate KES 10 or more in a bid to raise a total of KES 10 million. I have over one million followers on all my social media platforms and I need your support to finish this race. We are winning Starehe. Let’s make history. Join the winning team.

“Together, we are creating a movement that is changing the narrative of how political mobilization is carried out in Kenya. We are facing and fighting opponents who stand for the status quo and broken system, cartels and strong business interests that don’t care about the needs of the common mwananchi. Our strength lies in standing together.


“Kenyans who have donated to my campaign, so far, humble me and I am deeply grateful. This week alone, I was at the bank and a young man approached and handed me KES 3,000 for my campaign; I was in traffic and a young lady I spoke to decided to donate KES 100; I was campaigning in Marigiti Market and a mama mboga trader donated KES 200. Just recently, people on social media came together to buy 1,000 motorbike reflectors. They donated about KES 200,000 in a record two days.

“To date, we have raised and spent KES 3.217 million donated by friends, family and well-wishers, many of whom l have never met. Please join me on this journey; with your financial and moral support, we are winning this race. My candidacy is wholly supported by friends and well-wishers. Without you, l wouldn’t have made it this far.