Breaking her normal fashion of trolling a bunch of people living a certain lifestyle, Njoki recently decided to bash presidential aspirant and self-proclaimed millionaire, Steve Mbogo, in an article titled, ‘Steve Mbogo is a fraud not a billionaire.’

See what she said below

Steve Mbogo is nothing more than a crossbreed of a fake wannabe with rudimentary grasp of English. His speech is incoherent, probably because he thinks first in his mother tongue and then translates those thoughts into poorly constructed English sentences

‘Methinks this Steve Mbogo is just a bottom feeder living off the hype of an atrocious act of deception in a bid to get the attention of the big boys in this town. I think he is a student of the ‘fake it till you make it’ school of thought where an individual creates an illusion of success and wealth to trick people into believing in their fake success.

You would not disturb and prick us with your nonsense. You are neither rich nor wealthy and you do not even deserve to sit on the council of bodaboda operators. Go home, Steve. Apologise to your mother for publicly embarrassing her. After that, go to school. Learn English and then you can start thinking about becoming an entrepreneur.

Finally, Njoki has hit the nail on the head with her sentiments above.