The church has won an appeal in the Supreme court that saw an overturning of the court of Appeal decision. The case was sparked when three parents from St. Paul’s Kiwanjani Secondary School in Isiolo protested against a suspension by the school after their three girls were caught wearing Hijabs within the school premises.

The first case was filed at the High court where the ruling went against the parents and in favor of the church. The parents appealed this at the court of Appeal where the ruling allowed Hijabs in schools however this didn’t go well with the church and it appealed at the Supreme Court.

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The Supreme court overturned the ruling by the court of Appeal which allowed students to wear Hijabs in schools. Majority of the Supreme Court judges voted in favour of the appeal by the Kenya Methodist Church. The Supreme court stated clearly that Hijabs were not in line with the government policy on uniforms. They however gave schools the opportunity to define their own policies towards the Hijab.