We live in a dynamic society where human trends and behaviors are very fluid over time. The very backbone of our moral existence has been broken; the spiritual and cultural heritage of our communities are in shambles. We have been left weak and vulnerable to negative energy as long as its packed with instant satisfaction.

The Lamba Lolo proprieters

The ‘Lamba Lolo’ generation has come along with its own culture that is very flexible and lacks any principles to actually form a solid society from. People say it’s a shock that young people are enslaved in a corroded culture but truly enough is there any different culture they were brought up in if not this eroded one? The type of content and entertainment that the millennial generation consumes has also evolved to be one that is very bold and dirty if I may say. But this is what gives the gratification that they desire. Now let’s take a look at some very outstanding elements of this new culture that has come up.
The millennials have a hunger for fame especially in the various social media platforms. They are very eager and determined to establish their own social media empires as they believe this gives them a status in the society. The desperation for this fame is so high that they are willing to even sell their bodies just to get the attention they need. This however has had some ripple effects on very many other sectors like the photography sector that suffered a lot recently after the #Ifikiewazazi dilemma came up. Some even suffer from cyber bullying, some are even raped but since they never want their parents to discover their social lives, they keep quiet about these encounters.

The coded language. The millennial generation has changed their mode of communication from the normal sheng languages to coded languages nowadays. Who’s the ‘plug’? Where’s my ‘brohoe’ at? ‘Wifey’, ‘idgaf’, ‘ilysfm’, these are just a few common ones but the list is endless and more keep popping up every day.
Drug abuse has evolved to become a necessity, it has become like normal meals for most teens. Drinking and smoking, especially weed is very common with teens. ‘Baking’ aka ‘stoning’, in simple terms smoking marijuana has become a signature of approval as a young star, a real man/woman who is worthy inviting to parties and hangouts. This was even worse when shisha was still legal. Shisha was becoming a rite of passage for every teenager, especially those living around urban areas. Doing drugs also adds to your status in the society nowadays.

Events are very important and essential to this society that lack of the same will drive them crazy. These are the meeting points for lovebirds and free spirits who are just looking to have some good time. It’s also an opportunity to take pictures for their social media followers and portray how happy and wonderful their lives are. How they are living on the fast lane. Trap house parties are very popular among these youth since they get all the fun they adore packaged in one place and they are actually free to explore their ratchet sides of life.
The characteristics of this new society are endless since it’s a fluid society that keeps on evolving every day every hour every minute every second. Something can come up and within minutes it’s a trend everywhere, all over social media. So keeping up with this society is not an easy thing since they are heavily influenced by social media. However, some of these negative traits should not be encouraged among these teens. But at the same time we can’t deny that this is the truth and the reality that we have to live with.