Safaricom receives averagely 12000 calls daily seeking transaction reversals.Many a times you have been inconvenienced by this when you accidentally send money to the unintended person.

Well Safaricom are now introducing Hakikisha, a new feature that will enable customers to verify and confirm the name of the intended recipient before sending money through M-Pesa.

‘Hakikisha’ which has been under pilot for the last one month will be rolled out in phases until October 30th, 2015. It will ensure that customers no longer lose money to unintended recipients as a result of making a mistake while entering a number.

The pop-up feature will also apply when customers are making payments to Lipa Na M-PESA (PayBill option) and agent withdrawals. M-PESA Agents will also benefit from the service when depositing funds to customer numbers. This new enhancement is as a result of improved system capability after migration of M-PESA servers to Kenya earlier this year.