Noti Flow is taking screenshots to a whole new level. After releasing a new song ‘Tupendane’, it seems she wants to create hype around the song, or her? She was beefing with Prezzo over his failure to appear in her song. But all of that seems to be water under the bridge 

Noti Flow fans think Prezzo was sloppy in promoting the new song. As a matter of fact, he has not promoted the song on any of his social media platforms. Perhaps Prezzo has not been feeling her music. But she still has her fans who are there for her. So Noti Flow decided to share a screenshot of the convo she had with Prezzo. Could they be in love actually?

She then went on to caption “#peopletalktoomuch. Well, there u have it. Prezzo n I are tight n the reason he hasn’t shared the video yet is coz he lost his phone just a day ago. He’s out of the country chasin. I mean come on, the song is barely 2 days old. #Kenyans, I can’t believe some of y’all still hv the audacity to hate on such a genuinely patriotic song. It’s the #peace message we wanted /want to deliver. Please, #tupendane kama WaKenya. Shauri zenu, sisi tunapendana. Na wenye wivu.”

What do you think guys? What was her intention? To rip Prezzo apart? Has it worked?