The covid-19 pandemic has left many of us feeling low and missing out on the great social interactions we are used to. We are no longer going to events, parties and weekend getaways. We have had to stay indoors and life has started being boring. However, for music fans there is something to keep you entertained for a while.


Nyashinski Aka the Comeback King has delivered on a project that will surely turn the quarantine blues around. He has released his album dubbed Lucky You today. The release that comes just a few days after his great performance for his for fans live has lived to its hype.

Taking a total time of around 35 minutes, the album has 12 great songs that will surely keep you waiting for more from the king. Songs included in the album are: Greener, Sweet Aroma, Glory, Traveller, G.O.A.T, Time, Everyday, Lucky You, Wach Wach, Too Much, Fathela and Flowers. The music that blends between Hip Hop and Rap has a great touch to it and will keep you glued to your speakers.

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Don’t be left out, download or stream the album which is out right now and listen to the great vocalist do his magic.