National Youth Service recruitment ad
The NYS wants you
National Youth Service recruitment ad
The NYS wants you

The NYS has rebranded and is looking for you to join. Yes, you unemployed, frustrated youth reading this post. Not forgetting you stressed out, form 4 student about to sit for your KCSE. And there are 20,000 positions up for grabs. Read more details below as obtained from their website:

NYS is bigger and better this time around allowing for more recruits – we are now looking to take over 20,000 from the original 4000. This means that you, you, and even YOU can join us and share in the joy of being a part of something that’s bigger than yourself – your COUNTRY.

National Youth Service
Yes, you, the NYS is looking for you

All young interested participants between the age of 18 and 25 with a passion for Country and National Pride and only those who want to be a part of the change our country is seeking, should take this opportunity.

You will soon discover that by being at the right place at the right time, your presence will be instrumental in revolutionizing Kenya – you’re a legend awaiting re-birth.

Join us today. Go on, be great!

National Youth Service Kenya
Even the girls look good in NYS uniform

Reporting Dates

The National Youth Service will soon announce the reporting dates to the specific camps.

All those that will participate in the recruitment exercise and will be drafted, will be informed to report to their colleges by the time and on the date that will be indicated. This will mark the beginning of the training that will see the new recruits graduate in a pass-out ceremony after a period of six months.

Everyone's invited to the party
Everyone’s invited to the party

The punctuality of the new recruits will be the first step in becoming more methodical and organised in their pursuit of attaining the training for a period of four months. After the six months of training and graduation, the National Youth Service servicemen and women will be put in charge of Huduma Youth every six months in dam construction, road construction, vector control, slum civil works, Huduma kitchens service, constabulary, agriculture.

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