Granted, you will find your life’s leaning post. Love will come knocking on your door, with a perfect smile and deceitful fragrance and you’ll open up the doors to your heart. You will sink into the abyss of romance and forget yourself. With love by your side, the world will be your oyster. Everything will seem perfect and you’ll be convinced that nothing whatsoever can come between you and your significant other. Love isn’t blind itself but it blinds you, closes your eyes to life’s realities. You live a fallacy. A heady lie that you’ll be forever in love.

Consumed by its embers, you will open up to your partner; pour out your heart like melting wax. They will know your secrets and, fueled by love’s vanity, you will feel good about it. A shared burden. Things will escalate and the curve will steadily rise. During its ascent, you will get intimate. It is only natural. When intimacy slides in, people tend to lose reason quickly. With phones connecting lovers more than ever, the idea of having your partner’s pics will entice you. Then pics won’t be enough, you’ll want nude pics. After all, what have you got to hide from your love?

This is where the cookie crumbles. You’ll regularly exchange nude pics and it will seem the height of romance at the time till life happens. You break up. Break ups are nasty, believe me. Afterward, each one of you is all about getting back at the other. If nude pics are in the picture, they will be the perfect ammo and he/she won’t hesitate to use them against you. They will be posted online and you will catch the flak off that. You’ll wallow in self-pity and curse yourself for being so naïve, so near sighted and the heartbreak will be ten times worse. Even after the fire has long died, you will have to live knowing that the world saw you-ALL of you.

After all is said and done, it all comes back to you and when you find yourself in the said situation, think of everything then answer the question yourself-to snap or not to?

Joe Black