teenage love affairs

It is a fact that relationships are often blown out of proportion. And I am talking of serious relationships like marriage, engagements and the like. While it is true that everyone needs someone to go through life with, the people we take on as partners end up making life harder than it was when we were by ourselves. But societal expectations push for one to be bonded. Singlehood is frowned upon by the masses, cementing the pair mentality. Therefore, it so happens that when peeps hit adolescence and the pull toward the opposite sex comes calling; they all strive to find their better halves. There are few things in this world as comical as teenage love affairs.

Teenage is technically a frog kissing age. An age where people go through a lot of relationships, learning from each.  Teen relationships are at most laughable. Letters are sent and promises made. Flimsy promises. You meet this girl at a funkie, spend a few hours with her and the next moment you are telling her how she is the love of your life. She gets beside herself when she hears that and labels you her prince charming and that is the genesis of a relationisht.

 A relationship based on such has no basis whatsoever but to teens, that is beside the point. The guy will do that to different girls and his street rep will increase with each chic he bags. On the other hand, the dendai will go back to school and brag to her friends over her boyfie. She will pass his letters around the class and the other girls will be envious. Girls are vain. Anything speaking of her beauty is held in high esteem.  This charade continues for a time till one of them discovers that the other is cheating and kaput, game over. Again, the fact that both of them are cheating is beside the point. When one catches the other, hearts are broken at that instant. Like teens could ever be faithful.

I am not ignorant of the teen relationships that have resulted to lifetime unions. Those are the exceptions. The rest are learning experiences and should be treated as such. Do not put your all into a relationship. It is never that serious. Don’t let it eat into your head and start affecting your studies. A relationship is a sorry thing to get a fail over. Take life as it comes. Don’t be too eager to jump onto the bandwagon. Without sounding too clichéd, there will be plenty of time for relationships to stress you later. In the mean time, enjoy youth.