Offset’s baby mama Shya L’Amour seems to be trolling Cardi B on social media after she claimed being done speaking on her. There has been some drama in Cardi B’s life after her husband was accused of withholding child support payments from his baby mama Shya. According to Shya L’Amour whose real name is Nicole Algarin, Offset intentionally stopped the payments after she denied him sex. Shya pulled receipts on the matter which she promptly shared on her Instagram story stating that she was going to refrain from posting the texts that “Offset and his ‘h-’” have been disrespectful while she tried to remain empathetic.

Offset and Shya Lamour

She later on said that she has received threats from Cardi B a couple of times since then. She said she will no longer stay silent and try to hold a reputation for the celebrity couple whom she said don’t even care about her. Shya had initially claimed that she was posting these to expose Offset and to quit being an enabler of his and his wife’s disrespect.


After that whole Instagram tea, Shya said it was the last time speaking on it. However she took to social media to share a TikTok video of her mouthing Nicki Minaj soundbite of the rapper saying she is not going anywhere regardless of the fight in the industry. Fans started to speculate that Shya was throwing shades at Cardi using Nicki’s lyrics, mind you that Nicki is Cardi’s biggest nemesis. In the video where Shya claims “You can’t get rid of me b***h, I’m not going anywhere,” she also wrote for the caption. “When everybody in his ear trying to convince him to leave you alone.”