Kuingiza dame box is probably the hardest thing there is. It is even worse when you don’t have lugha . Some years back, it started with DJs. When you see your crush with a DJ unajua tu kameumana. Then it swiftly moved to people with dreadlocks and tattoos. These men drove girls crazy. Now it is being a photographer, SHAKA!

 A camera is like a chiq magnet. They don’t need to do much, just flash out a DSLR and the girls fall for them. They get girls to dress in really sexy clothes in the name of artistic photography. It is so easy to get a girl to answer your DM if you are a photographer. 

Studio Portrait Of Male Photographer With Camera

When you are in a girl’s DM struggling to shoot your shot, there is a photographer who only needs to call her for a free photo shoot and the rest like Jordan river flows.


However, there are genuine photographers out there, people who have passion and pride in what they do. They don’t want to exploit girls but genuinely bring out their beauty.

This has been abused by the perverts who use a DSLR to pick girls up. So be careful who calls you for shoots. Their intentions might not be the same as the legit raw photographer.