Ohmy Dimpoz (Left) and Diamond Platinumz (Right) in a past function

We all know these two Tanzanian crooners. They were once bosom friends who were always together in all they did. They even did a collabo with Kenya’s Victoria Kimani. However, tables turned and in the recent past the two have turned out to be bitter foes. Their rivalry has gone to high levels, so much so that it all over social media, characterized by a firework exchange of  words. What really happened? Where did and when did the bond start breaking? Is it a question of the ‘too much of anything is poisonous?’

Ohmy Dimpoz (Left) and Diamond Platinumz (Right) in a past function
                                               Ohmy Dimpoz (Left) and Diamond Platinumz (Right) at  a past function


The two have in the recent past spoken to the media, since they both have new releases, and they have each, separately, spoken about their now widely-known feud.

                                         One story,two accounts 

                                           Diamond Platinumz.

The ‘Kokoro’ hitmaker lashed at his former ally for alleging that he (Diamond) solicits for YouTube views. He then attacked him saying that he(Dimpoz) was jealous of him because of how fast and  bright his star was shining.

“Being mad at your brother simply because he refused to breathe life into your career is ‘Kokoro,’” he wrote in one of his Instagram posts.

He then went ahead,  in one of his interviews,  saying that Ohmy Dimpoz was trying to bring him down for no reason at all, adding that he had no problem with anybody.

                                               Ohmy Dimpoz.

He was in an interview where he said that some artistes were soliciting for YouTube views in what was seen as a thinly veiled attack on  Diamond. Diamond’s fans took to social media to hurl insults at him, prompting him to make a confession on  where and when  the rain began beating their bro-mance.

“I used to be so close to Diamond but at some point he began distancing himself from me. I wondered why but let it pass. When I wanted to do ‘Tupogo’ I told him of my plan to call King Maru the saxophonist. I was surprised to find Diamond with King Maru the following day, in a studio recording “Number One”. When I heard Davido was coming to Tanzania, I was ready to work with him, I had even financially prepared myself but Diamond came in and took the deal away from me by paying more money,” lamented Ohmy.

The crack between the two artistes was even more clear after Ohmy Dimpoz decided to use Wema Sepetu as her main girl in his video, Wanjera,  at a time when everyone knew that she had just broken up with Diamond. What’s with these two guys?