To all Diamond’s critics, this guy is making money moves like the African male Cardi he is. Barely a few months ago, he made history by becoming the first African artist to get six-time platinum sales on his single Marry You featuring Ne-yo. Then came the Waka Waka collabo with Rick Ross that tore down the internet and now after launching his much anticipated album A Boy from Tandale, he just released another collabo with Omarion, African Beauty.

The song African Beauty, is what everyone has been waiting for. It’s the perfect mashup of afro beats and some taste of American pop in it. The lyrics, a mix of both Swahili and English are just perfect to get you singing along to.Here is the interesting part- Omarion actually sings in Kiswahili! Remember when Chibu made Ne-Yo do the same in Marry you?We love it.

This is what’s called international branding of our very own Swahili…proudly African. This is to the critics who say that east African music doesn’t have a sound. Oh another interesting factor is the fact that Diamond’s music being banned in Tanzania did not stop him from featuring an almost naked vixen for this tune. Yes, almost naked.The girl is seen only covered in what looks like body accessories and not clothes. I bet we are going to add this to the list of his other banned jams.

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The video of the song itself is a world class sensation that you should probably take a look at. Diamond is really making the East African fraternity proud despite the setbacks he is facing like his sad breakup with his baby momma Zari. All we can do is support him and wish him well in his international collabos. And oh, doesn’t this song remind you of Distance by Omarion?

Check it out below.

By Emmanuel Otieno