In a new move to reopen schools after education CS George Magoha noted that the covid-19 curve is flattening, proposals are now being put forward to reopen schools on 19th of October. The proposal was put forward by a committee appointed by the CS to chart the way forward for the education sector post covid-19. The proposal has two approaches which will both see students back in school on October 19th while standard eight and form four candidates will sit for their national exams in April 2021.

Education CS Prof George Magoha

The committee has also recommended that the school calendar be revised from the usual January-November cycle for it to begin in June instead. This will save learners from the pain of repeating classes as earlier on suggested. This means that the second term will start in October and end in November, while the third term will start in January and end in March. This will eventually result in the first term of the 2021 calendar starting in May or early June.

The proposal put forward though with similar timelines, has two different approaches when it comes to students resuming learning. The first approach suggests a phased reopening where standard seven, standard eight, form three and form four report back to school on Monday the 19th of October. They will also be joined by grade four leraners who are the first cohort of the CBC curriculum. The rest of the students are then expected to resume learning as from 2nd of November. This approach is aimed at enabling the teachers and staff to familiarize themselves with the health protocols.


The second approach which also sticks to the same timelines suggests that the government should just open the gates to all students and worry about the health protocols thereafter. Even though the government is yet to adapt the new propositions, the CS has clearly indicated that students will be back in schools soon enough. “From what I have observed, the (Covid-19 infection) curve is flattening. Teachers should start to prepare to report back to their schools to make them habitable before students report,” declared CS Prof George Magoha.

On your marks, get set, Magoha is reopening schools soon… That’s for sure!