Netizens are a very funny lot, you know, very funny. How they express their feelings behind their keyboards keeps one confused.

We all saw what happened when Achieng’ Abura passed on. The tweetsphere was awash with RIPs and crocodile tears from people who had deserted her when she needed them most.

Late last week we lost Miss Nyamira County Mercy Mokeira. So sad losing such a young life, full of dreams and doing so much to change the society.

Miss Nyamira County and Miss Siaya County with the Lang'ata inmates
Miss Nyamira County and Miss Siaya County with the Lang’ata inmates

The mourning on social media however is something else. This caught my eye. The mourning on social media equals the very negative degree of receiption she received when she was declared Miss Nyamira County as well as when she posted photos of herself with a Lang’ata prison inmate.

So what changes? Why do we express so much hypocrisy and shed crocodile tears? Let’s appreciate people in their lifetime, not bash them only to say how great they were once the curtain falls on them.