image01Ever come across the picture of ‘The Dress?’ The internet’s most favorite lace dress designed by Roman Originals is a viral phenomenon that is associated with the hash tags #thedress #whiteandgold #blackandblue . The dress became popular after a washed-out picture posted on social media. There was disagreement on whether the dress was white and gold or blue and black.

image02One of the many theories is that the color you see depends on the mood you have currently and is likely to change on whether you are happy or sad. However, the origin is when about a week before the wedding of Scottish couple Grace and Keir Johnston, Grace’s mother sent her a photograph of the dress she planned to wear to the wedding. The couple disagreed over the color of the dress. They posted the image on Facebook, and their friends also disagreed over the color; some saw it as white with gold lace while others saw it as blue with black lace.

Caitlin McNeill is a friend of the Johnstons’ and a member of the Scottish folk music group Conach, which performed at the wedding on the island of Colonsay. Even after seeing that the dress was “obviously blue and black” in real life, the musicians remained preoccupied by the photograph; they “almost didn’t make it on stage because we were so caught up discussing this dress”. On 26 February 2015, McNeill reposted the image on a Tumblr blog she operated and asked the same question to her followers, which led to further public discussion surrounding the image.

The issue went viral that has even been a study case in some universities such as University of Liverpool. However scientists have proven using scientific theories that the dress is indeed black and blue. The designers themselves confirmed the color as black and blue. The women are truly entrepreneurs because they came up with t-shits that are now selling in bid to battle between the two virtual possibilities of ‘Team White and Gold’ and ‘Team  blue and Black’

image00Psst! onto some juicy gossip. The company that sells ‘the dress’ was caught using child labor in 2007. The issue was obsessed over and has enraged so many that there was a man who got a tattoo of The Dress asking if the dress is white and gold. Lol.

By: Louisa Nungari/ Wikipedia.

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