On early Sunday morning in Orlando, Florida, a lone gunman opened fire in a gay nightclub. The shooter, Omar Mateen, killed 53 people – the overwhelming majority of whom were Latina/o, Black and Brown members of the LGBTQ community, enjoying an evening in Orlando’s “premier gay club” just south of the city’s downtown corridor.

The news of the massacre, stunned the world. When Kenyans heard the news, most were shocked and saddened obviously.

What stood out though,was the amount of hate that was spewed from some of the comments online.

NTV Kenya posted the news on their Facebook page along with a picture of the happening at the crime scene.

See some of the comments from some Kenyans on the post below

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What gives any other human being the right to kill another…when did we become so intolerant of people’s lifestyle choices?

When lives are lost, that is where we draw the line. The hate needs to stop