In the recent past Kenyan music lovers have been treated to some bizarre drama from artistes and their managers.  Days ago, one of Kenya’s fastest rising gospel music stars Weezdom had hi songs pulled down from Youtube by his label EMB Records, headed by gospel sensation Bahati. It is alleged that the latter was not happy with Weezdom’s move of hanging out with Willy Paul, who is Bahati’s rival in the music scene. Weezdom also stared in Willy Paul’s latest video and most fans felt that he had betrayed his boss.

Speaking in a radio interview, he said he was a friend to the two even though they were not, adding that he had always played a part in trying to reconcile them. He then took to instagram to voice his frustrations at Bahati’s act, saying he wasn’t bitter but shocked.

So before the dust could settle on this one, another one is in the offing. It’s rumored that singer Otile Brown is not reading from the same script with his manager, Dr. Eddie. It’s not known as to why the two aren’t going on well but in an interview with some TV station Otile is quoted to have agreed that indeed there was some misunderstanding going on;

“Okay Dr.Eddie namheshimu sana, ni mtu ambaye mpaka hapa nilipofika ana mchango mkubwa sana kwenye muziki wangu, na tumetoana mbali katika hii biashara ya muziki. Kwahiyo inaweza kufika wakati unahisi mambo hayaendi kama yanavyofaa, so unajikuta mnaanza kukwaruzana kwa njia moja au nyingine na katika biashara issue kama hizo zinatokeaga,” he said before adding ““But I respect him kwa sababu ana mchango mkubwa sana katika muziki wangu. So it’s not a big issue tutaimaliza soon halafu kila kitu kitakuwa sawa. Naomba tu tuzidi kutoa support.”

So far, Otile Brown’s videos that had been on his label’s Youtube channel have beenn pulled down and it seems that there’s more than meets the eye.

Otile Brown
Otile Brown

Well, it might be coincidence that two of the best singers in Kenya have their videos pulled down by their labels. But somebody once said, coincidence is a message to the blind. Hope our artistes get the message.