Otile Brown

Last week we wrote a piece on artistes being in loggerheads with their managers (Read the piece here). Among the artistes we featured were Weezdom who has since ditched Bahati’s camp and Otile Brown who on a Tv interview confessed to be in loggerheads with his manager Dr. Eddie. The two artistes (Weezdom and Otile Brown) have had their videos (uploaded on their managements’ YouTube channel) pulled down. In the interview, Otile said they had issues but they’d iron them out in due time.


Well, seems Otile Brown’s hopes of ironing things out with his manager hit a rock since the two are no longer working together. The singer took to his social media to break the news, adding information that he now had a new YouTube channel together with new contacts for whoever wants to get in touch with him, putting Dreamland Music out of the business. “I am No longer working or in any other partinership with DREAMLAND MUSIC owned by DR.EDDIE,” part of the post read.


Dr. Eddie has been of great help to Otile’s musical career, and he used to refer to him as ‘Baba yangu wa kimuziki’ loosely translated as ‘My musical father’. It’s not yet understood what led to the fall-out but and fans expressed their displeasure at the news.

Doctor Eddie, besides pulling down Otile’s videos from his company’s YouTube channel, has not spoken about their fallout.