Otile Brown aka Badman Shivo breaks the internet once more! Praised as one of the few artistes producing quality music in Kenya currently, he has not disappointed his fans either. He has lived up to their expectations with hits after hits. His latest being Kenyan girl which has broken the internet.

The song is about appreciating Kenyan girls and their unique beauty. Otile goes on to mention some of the top female names media, beauty and even music industry. He even touches on the political scene by mentioning the likes of Shebesh and Charity Ngilu.

What has caught people’s attention is his show of love and forgiveness to his ex-girlfriend Vera Sidika even after the nasty break up. He appreciates her curves and compares them to the likes of Huddah Monroe.

Badman Shivo shows a lot of love and appreciation to Kenyan ladies when he goes on to the streets to take random selfies with girls and even give them flowers. He even gives beggars flowers on the streets.

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Here are some of the ladies who have been mentioned in the video: Vera Sidika, Joey Muthengi, Amber Ray, Betty Kyalo, Huddah Monroe, Margaret Kenyatta, Lulu Hassan, Lilian Muli, Avril, Julie Gichuru, Kanze Dena, Caroline Mutoko, Kalekye Mumo, Akothee, Amina Abdi, Charity Ngilu and Racheal Shebesh.

Here is the video of the song: