You can take the fish from someone, but if he’s a fisherman, he’ll always get some fish on his own. Barely a month after falling out with his former management and label Dreamland Music, singer Otile Brown has released a new video and song called ‘Yule Mbaya”. The song is about Love, basically clinging to a lover who doesn’t love you back and despite knowing that, you still love them.

The song was produced by little-known Lhaji while the video was done by X-Antonio. The video begins with Otile Brown walking into his lover who is embroiled in a steamy romantic exchange with some other guy, before he, Otile, decides to walk out. It’s a scene from the video where Otile walks into the two and as the guy remains dumbfounded, the lady tries to talk to Otile who dares her not to touch him. She goes after him but doesn’t go past the door, as he closes it behind him and she remains holding her head painfully. The scene seems to be in her head always as she has those flashbacks, all the while seated on the stairs where later on Otile comes and gets her. Funny as love can be, he pulls her by the hand and holds her waist, walks her into her car outside the house. The story-line is well observed.

Otile’s dance moves are not far from what we’re used to, with the same vibrancy. The choices of the locations are simple and the wardrobes limited. Well, out of ten, what do you give Otile?These are the lyrics of the song;

Here is the YouTube link for the song;