Musicians dedicating songs to their lovers in a bid to win them back or talk about their woes in their love lives is no longer a new thing. Well, Otile Brown has released a new song, Nabayet beseeching his Ethiopian ex-girlfriend to give him another chance in love. Going by the lyrics of the song, it’s evident that Otile amewezwa na Nabayet. That being the case, what really contributed to their love fall-out?

“… Namtendekeza kama mtoto ata chakula kwa mkono hashiki...”  are the lyrics to his new song.  Earlier on, Nabayet had hinted about their break-up by posting suggestive photos of posts. In one instance, she had posted a photo of black roses and also photos of her with suggestive captions; They can’t take away the energy, Life must go on. In a longer post, she admitted to having parted ways with Otile. 

“My heart will always beat for him but unfortunately life has brought us here…I will always be praying for your success and wishing you all the best in life. Otile in another post beseeched fans to talk to Nabayet to have her back.

“Oi mimi siko vizuri mjue. Kwa hivyo naomba shabiki zangu mumshawishi anisamehe maana ata simu zangu hashiki…”  His post read.  However, he was met by Nabayet’s mean response, “Love is not a game, heartbreak is no joke. It’s  going to take a lot more than a song to heal and rekindle…”  


Otile and Nabayet have fallen out a short time after they started dating. Their relationship took off shortly after Otile broke up with Vera Sidika. Vera had cited Brown’s toothpick as a menace and hindrance to their relationship hence leading to their break up. The reason behind his fall out with Nabayet is yet to be understood.

Otile claims he won’t go back to the music industry if he cannot have Nabayet back in his life“…La  sivyo ndani  ya wiki 3 kama hajanisemea naacha  mziki. Najua kuna wanoko  wengi watafurahi nikiacha mziki…” He further suggested on his Instagram page.

Are Kenyans yet to lose a great musician in the industry? 

Is Otile just seeking Nabayet’s attention because of their trending song? Will he bring her back to his fold then discard her as he fishes for a new shipoto. Is Brown slowly becoming the new Kenyan Simba? Is he slowly joining the Shitombi crew?