When some people get rich it seems some evil comes forth in their actions. And a club owner in Nigeria has proven this. The man has actually decided to take grown women as his pets.

Photos of the man walking around with human puppies went viral on social media as people were trying to comprehend what was happening.

The man is identified as Mike Eze-Nwalie Nwogu popularly known as ‘Pretty Mike’; a 30 year old club owner.

He has a sick fetishe where he likes to have women who are strapped with chains around their necks. Check out the disturbing photos below.

Nigerian man chains women like dogs Nigerian man locks ladies on chain

Nigerian man puts ladies on chain like dogs

Nigerian man puts women on chains like dogs

Nigerian media reports that the club owner has since been arrested on orders of Lagos state government for what they termed as ‘dehumanizing young girls’.

Mike has recently come forth to apologize to those who were offended. See the message below.

“I, Mike Eze Nwalie, A.K.A Pretty Mike of 21A Magodo GRA, Luma Street, do hereby undertake to stop whatever act of putting girls on a leash or any other degrading treatment to ladies and guys.”

“I am aware that such act offends the law of the State of Lagos and if I repeat it again, there will be legal act towards me. I undertake to issue a letter of apology to the public effective from tomorrow on all my social media platforms,”

Apology or not, his acts are sick and he should definitely be in prison.