Red Corner

NAME: Antonio Stanely Raul (404)
ARTIST: Mistaken Identity
TRACK: Maswali za Polisi – The Mistaken Version
REPPIN: CornerBrook School - Juja (BROOKLYNN)
Form 1
It’s that time of the year again. Guys are getting ready to be ushered into the cool side of life: the most eventful four years that they will ever experience. This will be a time to get to know who you are and understand that adolescence is real, and that thirst is something to deal with for an entire term or alternatively, something to find a way to cope with.
Term 3
Here comes term three. Your character has changed. So have your habits. You feel as if you’re the new boss in school and you want every student to get your attention. This is a term for you to assume the role of a form two student.

Ever Wonder

1. Who came up with the quail theory? 2. Should Birdman call himself Quailman? 3. Is it ok for a thermometer to brag as it has 100 degrees? 4. Would...
Weeping Woman
Name: Donna Aluoch Onjala, School: Mount Laverna Girls’ Secondary School, Age: 16 Years