Girls have you ever found yourself in a situation where you feel you’re ready to date but your parents don’t seem to agree?hide

As teenagers, any guy, to your parents, are just out to mess with you, even though that’s not the case. So it seems easier to sneak behind their backs instead of coming clean. But it’s not so hard to tell them, you just need the proper way to say it. So here are steps you follow:

Step 1: Pick Which Parent You Want To Start With.

It’s normally easier to talk to the one you’re closer to because they’d understand you easily. Once one parent understands you the other one will obviously have to with time.

Step 2: Talk About Your Guy With Your Parent From Time To Time Highlighting His Best Personality 

First talk about him as your close friend, because it’s easier for your parent to welcome that idea and give him a chance to get to know him. Talk mostly about what’s good about him, because then again, first impression normally matters.

Step 3: Invite Him Over At The Appropriate Time

Once your parent gets used to the idea of him it’s time to bring him over. The most appropriate time is when you have some kind of function. It leaves your parents little time to question him, so they opt to observe him, so make sure your guy is on his best behaviour.

Step 4: Truth Time!

Once you’re parents have known and met him and like him then it’s finally time. How do you know? They compliment his personality say he’s a good guy. That becomes your green light to break the news, but don’t jump into it. Give them a week or two then announce that the two of you are an item. But even after knowing him they still don’t like him, then that’s your red flag to stop dating the guy. Even though as teenagers you don’t agree, parents do know what’s best for you.

There you have it! So no more late night calls or lying you’re going out with your girlfriends. Be free!