Michael Jackson’s daughter, Paris, is no longer a little girl. The King of Pop’s offspring proves she’s all grown up with a new look she’s showing off to her 57,000 followers on Instagram.


The 17-year-old brunette recently dyed her hair, which is now a reddish-pink hue. She’s also got some cute round sunglasses to go with her look. Do we have a fashionista in the making?

paris jacksons 1

Paris continues the bold look in her photos with ripped jeans, layered necklaces and rings lined across her fingers. And the internet is loving it. She’s gained over 10,000 followers in just the last 24 hours.

MJ’s daughter entered the public conscious in 2009, after her father’s untimely death. The pop legend’s child was only 11 when she stepped to the plate and delivered a tear-filled speech that seemed wiser than her years at her father’s memorial service. In 2010, she and her brothers also accepted the Lifetime Achievement Award on behalf of their father at the Grammy Awards.