Gari ikizima, hamna shida, unless you are on a highway or in the middle of nowhere, you can always tip passers-by to help you push it. Now imagine if a plane stalled…passengers on board. I suppose captain got on speaker and told passengers to disembark, and push the aircraft!!

russia frozen planeYes, this really happened! A bunch of passengers left their seats to give their frozen plane a push at a snowbound airport in Siberia. That was the situation at Igarka Airport earlier this week where temperatures of minus 50 Celsius left a Tupolev Tu-134 aircraft stranded on the runway.

russia-plane-Passengers rallied to the rescue when oil in the plane’s landing gear iced up, according to UTair, the airline whose livery the plane carries. According to the Komsomolskaya Pravda website, there were cries of “Let’s go!” as two rows of passengers, dressed in heavy coats and thick gloves, each took a wing and apparently began shoving the aircraft into position.

russia-plane3-“We all want to get home,” one of the burly volunteers was quoted as saying.

Thankfully we do not get such atrocious weather in Kenya. Living on the equator does have its upside. No wonder mane visitors refuse to leave our awesome country!! “The problems at departure were caused by weather conditions, in particular, extremely low air temperature which is typical for this part of Krasnoyarsk region and sometimes gets as low as minus 50 Celsius,” an UTair spokesperson explained.

russia-plane3-The plane and passengers were reportedly able to take off and landed safely several hours later in Krasnoyarsk, to the south of Igarka. Thankfully there was no need for further pushing as the temperature at their destination was a balmy minus 11 Celsius.

Source: CNN