After Pastor Ng’ang’a spend two nights in Gigiri Police station, he is now offering 3.5 million to the police station for a facelift. 


Speaking to his congregation, the troubled pastor said:

“Before I left, I told OCS Joshua Ekirapa I will come back and repair the toilets,”

He also urged his congregation to contribute toward the cause. He also fired shots at the IG of police:

” Boinnet I want to tell you that you must learn how to speak to the media. If I were you, I wouldn’t have commented on the accident before investigations were completed.” Wait, weren’t they on the same team?

Ng’ang’a said that on Monday July 27, a day after the killer accident, Boinnet had made a briefing saying that the pastor was not driving the vehicle that killed Mercy Njeri Mbugua, making people think that he was defending Ng’ang’a.

He also told Martin Mbugua, the man whose wife died on the spot, that he did not need any forgiveness from him because he is not guilty.

Whether this is a good will move or a veiled bribe is yet to be seen but we can be sure Ng’ang’as controversy won’t end any time soon.