Art is not a mirror to hold up to society, but a hammer with which to shape it. A mantra that echoed itself not from the speakers in the performance halls, neither from the voices of the hundreds of students who congregated at Quabbz for the regional round of the drama festivals. The message was crystal clear within the creativity and passion exuded on stage. The teens took it upon themselves to address some of the issues affecting our society through their creativity and talent. They acted both as the mirror of the society and the chief whip, there to bring order to a chaotic universe.

The rivalry narrowed down to two schools who presented some of the most outstanding plays from the region.

The Mirror(MFA) 

From the heart of the MFA production studios comes this great play that left tongues wagging. Depicting numerous crisis that are affecting the world, this play was one to watch. With a great cast, suitable props and an even greater production team, MFA had not only come to present but to send a statement.

Their play seeks to bring to light the challenges of children born out of wedlock. With the themes of responsibility and love reigning throughout the play, this set seeks to create awareness in the society and reduce the ills affecting children born out of wedlock.

In line with what is happening in the society, a girl is born out of wedlock and the mother is forced to give her up for adoption in order to keep her safe. The mom later gives birth to a girl and raises her up. As they get older, the girls enroll into the same school and take their learning with great charisma. However, as they say life has its ups and downs, trouble brews in the school and the girls get dragged into the mess.

As they seek truth behind the pressing issue, the secrets surrounding their lives are revealed and leave them in complete confusion. They were blood sisters and yet here they were trying to outdo each other.

However, you really must have been keen in following their play as they put to use different aspects of dramatization. With the story edging on flashback, one needed to use their eyes and ears well in order to grasp the key elements of the story.

The cast at MFA gave it their all and you could see that they had truly enjoyed taking part in the play. It, however, remains to be seen if the adjudicators liked them as the crowd did and whether they will be making it to the nationals.

With their eyes set on representing Kenya at the East African Festivals, the young gentlemen in blue promise to continue giving their all and making Kenya a better place a day at a time.

Bull’s Eye (PATCH) 

Patch is at it again. Making numerous strides in the drama festivals, Nairobi school decided to go with a social crisis this time around.  Highlighting the plight of numerous boys and girls, the school put their best foot forward when coming up with this play.

Their play follows the life of a child and a notorious pedophile in the quest for justice and social morality among the youth.  Bull’s eye casts an even greater understanding on how children suffer at the hands of sexually perverse people with immorality in their minds.

The drama team at Patch sought to create a thinking where it would not only take the parents to raise a child but also the society in order to reduce the rising cases of immorality within the society nowadays. With the characters being played by talented people, the play lifts one to a place of deep thinking and reflection as it depicts how pedophiles take away the rights and freedoms of their victims.

Even as the curtains came down on their presentation, the atmosphere in the room made it clear that they had left a mark. With the audience on their feet, the boys had truly hit the nail on the head and transformed how many people present perceive each other.

They brought out the themes of responsibility and social care which have remained a thorn in the society as everyone seeks to justify themselves while leaving others to fend for themselves. The cast say that this was just but the beginning of their ways to create a better society for each and every one and for the generations to come.

Describing themselves as contenders for the East African scene, Patch boys sent a message that this time around, they were not here to play and that they are taking the fight down to the last sweat. They also penned a warning to Riara Girls that they are coming for their crown as one of Kenya’s best drama teams.


As the regionals came to an end, one could still see that this year’s fight will be a long and competitive one. An A-game performance will only be the tipping point in determining who became winners. Putting their rivalries aside, both teams embraced the heart of change and need for immediate social action to change the framework of the society and make it a better place for everyone. To them, it only takes an individual effort to spark the flame of change.