1990’s babies definitely remember the teen sex comedy series called American Pie. In the cast, Steve Stifler is a perfect example of a peer pressure guru. He is popular and discordant. He is the individual who often throws wild parties when his parents are away and has definitely lost his virginity.

At this age, we finding doing everything the peer pressure guru does super cool. This kind of pressures lead us to wrong personality and unacceptable actions. The following are ways you can deal with peer pressure effectively.

Participate in school activities such as drama festivals, sports and contests. These activities will help you realize your strengths and take you to the right path.

Listen to your gut and learn to feel comfortable saying no. I promise, it will be lonely but on the bright side you will have true friendships. Hang out with people who feel the same as you do.


Seek help. It can either be from your parents, teachers or siblings. Have a bail out code with them without losing face with your peers.

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