Invisible fruits, an invisible pen, an electro-beat – “Pen-Pineapple-Apple-Pen” is taking over the Internet.

It is fascinating how the internet can create a star in less than a week. The song fondly now reffered to as PPAP was posted to the YouTube account of Piko Taro who is a performer from Japan. He is dressed in leopard print clothes which is making him so conspicuous in every post on the internet.

Remember Psy of the ‘Gangnam Style’ fame,? Can you imagine the signer still has the most viewed YouTube video ever in history with a whooping 2.6 Billion views.


Piko Taro seems to have surged onto the Internet over the summer, judging by activity on his Facebook and YouTube channel, and cultivated quite a following.

The less than a minute video is so catchy, you’ll find yourself bumbping your head to it, and yeah, those lyrics are so simple, even your average 3 year old can sing along.

Celebrities such as Justin Beiber have even noticed the song.

It’s really hard to do its inane infectiousness justice. You’re better off just watching the damn video, but be warned: It will be stuck in your head for the rest of the day: