It’s not been a week since Huddah and Vera buried the hatchet, and Vera already has a new contender. Pendo is already vying for the throne.pendo vera 1

Pendo’s beef with Vera started with the Davido drama, followed by that ugly fight and not to mention Pendo’s rant against Vera when she quit Nairobi Diaries. Now Pendo has posted something implying that she’s going to stop at nothing until Vera is completely forgotten. The question is, if Huddah gave up, does Pendo really think she can fit in Vera’s throne? (If you know what I mean)vee and pendo


See Pendo’s post here!


“Girrlllllll byeeeeee…just stay taking your Glutathione shots cos gal you are starting to FADE!!! and try get high with them,we aren’t even scripted and you know thats the truth!!,Did the producers tell you to trash My Phone and Bag!!Go call wolf in Lekki!!!!! Adios #nairobidiariesdrama #dramacontinuesshortly NA hizo tickets hapatiani mi napatiana, kwani Iko nene”

But pendo is already making her moves to reach ‘that level’, check out the mami’s new ride, ameweza kweli?Pendos-ride2-747x420 Pendos-ride1-747x420

Sorry Vera, you might be trying to start a fresh, but these people just won’t quit on you. To Pendo, good luck.

By: Joan Rangara