She has been featured by major media houses like CNN, and has had successful gigs around East Africa. But  it was not always easy for beautiful and talented singer Phy.

In a video obtained from Ghafla, the singer opened up about the tough time she has had in the industry.

Phy expressed that she had hard time being accepted in the show business because she is not curvaceous and showy. She says the only time people pay attention to her is when she gets up on stage and sings.

She told of a heartbreaking moment a certain man stopped her from performing at his gig- his reason- she is not endowed enough. How sad is that. Phy said that moment almost broke her.

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“I felt really bad” She said.

Because of this,  Phy has perfected her musical talent in order to always be on her top form when on stage. She can play an instrument, dance and sing at the same time. How many of the other well endowed singers can do this?

Phy’s situation points to the sad fact that these days it’s your looks and not your musical talent that makes you famous. The music industry has been sexualized too much.

It’s high time we started appreciating musical talent more than looks.

Listen to Phy’s interview below