It all starts in an innocent way. Take for example in Kenya; many mums think it’s cool to have their daughters pierced at a young, as a matter of fact very tender age – say eight months. So these girls grow feeling compelled to add another piercing. At least 50% of ladies with first lobe piercing add another later on in life. The more the merrier is the principle in use here, first comes the lobes then follows other regions such as the navel, the nose, nipples, dimples etc.


The countless areas where people have discovered can be pierced is not a wonder in this time and age. However, something we do not realize is that this in-thing can cause a habitual effect to the body. It is in the same way we have mothers (especially those who have had their firstborns,) feel compelled by their motherly instincts to get other children when they see other couples melt in joy of nursing their now born infants.

Believe it or not, whether your reason to have a piercing is cool, cultural or spiritual, it may lead to a condition which is piercing addiction. Several cases have been heard of people who end up having too many piercings because of the pleasure it granted them. Sounds eerie? That’s because it actually is. So next time you feel compelled to get another piercing yet you already have more than three – think twice.

By: Louisa Nungari.