If you have been living under a rock of late, it’s no surprise that you have missed out on the new TV channel that has hit the airwaves. Kenya Broadcasting Cooperation (KBC) recently launched a youth television channel known as Y254. The channel is geared towards providing content that is relevant to the younger generation.

Beautiful actress and Deejay Pierra Makena recently took a hiatus, understandably because she has a baby to take care of. But now it seems that the sexy star is ready to make her comeback.

She has landed herself a new gig at Y254. She will be co-hosting a show on that channel that will be airing that will be airing every Monday to Friday from 7am on Signet channel 824.
Pierra took to her gram to post the message below

I’m always asked…how do i get my video played on TV? How do I get recognised..? I’m young i have potential but no platform……FINALLY it’s here with us.Y254 CHANNEL I’m glad to be part of a channel that is fully dedicated to you.. to air your views.. for you to be heard and also to nurture & promote your talent.Let’s talk every morning Mon to Fri..7am to 10am.Let me know how I can be of help.. I have the platform.

Congratulations to the beautiful Dj.