About a year ago rapper Njeri claimed that Femi One has ghost writers who are behind her musical success. She also went ahead to diss Femi’s record label Kaka Empire owned by King Kaka; siting that the label was using the rapper

femi-406x420Well, a year down the line and Femi One has decided to respond to Njeri with a diss track dubbed ‘Pilau Njeri’. However Njeri is not the only victim, Femi has gone hard on rappers Sosuun, Noti Flow and Kush Tracey .

See some of the crazy digs she used in the song below

”/tuma reply uone niki clap back/alafu nikuone mtaa chipo mwitu na snapback/

/mnaniona less juu huwa nadu more/nilifunzwa na legends unajua signs ya master na student/

/wacha vire hatukuerewi/ hii ni fluent

/so manager wako alicall wangu/ tafadhali collabo/

/trash music Njeri bado hatupei no mind/ hiyo jina ndo hatupendi/”

See video below