What would you change about your body if given the chance to? Well myself I would not change anything, not even whiten my teeth. I’m definitely satisfied with how I look. But hey I am not everyone, some of us would like to make their chest bigger or have that Beyoncé butt or even get that nose shaped or get those Kendall Jenner lips.

plastic surgery

Getting a legit surgery is very expensive and getting the ideal doctors is not easy because as much as money is involved, there will always be the hungry doctors. Their main agendas is to get the money and turn your looks to into Texas chainsaw massacre. These doctors have certain characteristics such as the prices they offer you are way cheaper than average price and the doctor is running his clinic from a dark alley in a dangerous part of the hood. If this is your case then my dear this is a red alert, so RUN!

plastic surgery 3

We have heard tales of plastic surgeries gone wrong but still we never learn. If you have not heard of any just Google, it’s the fastest way to learn about it. We have seen lips that look like  they have been stung by a thousand bees but it’s a sad tale of lip injections.

Image result for worst plastic surgery before and after photos

Image result for worst plastic surgery before and after photos

Image result for worst plastic surgery before and after photos

We have also seen faces that look like they are not human at all even aliens look better. What’s the need of changing from human to being plastic? Is it worth it?

plastic surgery 5

Personally I got nothing against plastic surgeries but it should come in if you want your nose installed because you got difficulties in breathing, you know such situations. Always remember regardless of how many implants you get your DNA does not change, it will retain its old features. My take is if you need surgery to improve your physical appearance, try more of working on your self-esteem and accepting yourself as you are, because beauty is in the hands of the beholder. You do not have to be perfect, no one is.