Name: Hillary Odhiambo
School: Chesamisi High School
Form: 404

Love made me abase,
Abate to it’s a base,
When I fell for it’s bait,
Like a fish drawn to a bait,
But not like a sheep to an abattoir.

Can’t say she thieved me off my heart,
Because she ain’t a thief,
But glad of that deed which she did,
My heart is pertinacious,
But not malicious to her love.

And down on knees each day silent prayer,
Praying not to hurt her or break her heart,
But if her heart is broken,
Will pick her broken pieces,
Putting pieces to make the puzzle complete.

Face like that sunrise in the morning,
Smile like the sunset in the evening,
Her beauty suppresses Venus goddess of beauty,
As Africa smiles for producing a voluptuous girl,
Stars and moon bow down to her beauty.

She is my thyme,
An added meal to my heart,
A rose to my heart,
That will always be intact,
Forever bounded by chains of love intact.