Just 18 years old, but Sandra Gitau beats the likes of Shakespear at their own game. The rhythm, the emotions, the stories her poems tell, simply amazing. But you be the judge.

Mind Games


“Forever… I tell you”
Me & you?

“We? Wherever!”

“Yes love, our love could not be any clearer.”
Any better?

“Leave you? Never!”
Us, together.

“The rest, Whatever”
They don’t matter.


You want me to give it up?
But it’s all i have.
Oh … You’ll keep it safe?
Not turn into a snake?
… My heart is yours!
Can I have yours? [smiles!]
… Oh,
I understand. [ excitement dies]
NO – for my sake.


You want a kiss?
[skips] Oh!
But I’m just a miss.
It won’t hurt … A sneak?
(I’m scared stiff!)
[kiss] The air – STEAM!

“No honey, I give you, Self esteem”
– Value.
I’ve heard you,
I believe you!

” My Virtue”


“Going with friends.”
Can I come,|
Yeah … I’m a mess.
Don’t think I can impress?
Sure – neither do I.

Can I stay up,
– Wait for you?
… Probably build up some steam?
” You know I value your esteem”
Nothing else you need,
Just to feed?

– I’ll stay up.
I’m still your virtue.


I feel different.
“Probably just the weather”
No, my body
… It’s getting bigger.


“You gold digger”

“You filthy liar!”
Lie … Never!

“Can’t be mine – impotent!”
You’re my only, I’m honest.


Where are you going?
Your image – fading!
Who is she?
“My virtue”
Then, Who am I?

Right… It was all in my mind.