It’s Tuesday again and here is another of Nathaniel’s amazing works. If you haven’t checked out his blog, then please rush there @

Bitter Sweet Painpoetic tue

I Dream Of A Life Without You,I See A Blank Sky,

I Dream Of A Year Without You,I See A Tearless Cry,

I Dream Of A Month Without You,I See Glitter Die,

I Dream Of A Week Without You,I See A Sugarless Pie,

I Dream Of A Day Without You,I Alone Inside,

I Dream Of A Second Without You My Love,I Die,

But Thats Only A Dream,It Can Never Fly,

For You Are With Me In My Heart,Till I Die,

Is It A Dream Or Is It Desire,

Cold As Ice,Or Hot As Fire,

Never Had A Need So Dire,

Your Heart And Soul,I Admire,

Sending Chills Down My Cold Spine,

Like A Raindrop,On A Tree Vine,

Your Eyes They Show Me,A Love Divine,

Upon A Bitter Sweet Lifeline,

Love Me Now And Love Me Again,

Without You, I Feel A Bitter End,

You And I,A Sweet Blend,

One That Life Can’t Comprehend,

I Dream Now,I Dream Again,

Forever In My Heart,This Bitter Sweet Pain,

Post by: Joan Rangara