Memories are what we have left of the moments we have in life. Here is an amazing poem by Allen Cam.



Memories of things that never were,
In my mind you’re all I think of,
I wonder how it would have been like?,
If it was you and me together,
The touch of you skin,
Your voice I hear,
That smile I see,
Your eyes and mine meet,
Your lips touching mine,
In my arms so warm and safe,

In reality here I am alone,
No one is sight I cry,
Cause you’re the only one I want in my life,
I’d cross mountains to just be with you,
The moments we had I’ll cherish,
Sad and bad times they will perish,

You made me want to fly,
Being with you I was on cloud nine,
I wish things were different,
We would live together in happiness,
You were my joy, my world,
Everyday I thank God I have you,
Now I pray He guides you,
Your love is placed in my heart forever,
I was blessed with your presences,
He gave me someone who was one of a kind,
Someone who truly showed me the meaning of love,

We will cross paths someday,
I’ll wait til that day to say “I love you”
Everyday and night I miss you,
My heart still beats for you,
In mind, my dreams is where you’ll stay,
As friends I’ll love you like you were mine,
I’ll be there when no one is around,
I’ll still care like always,

One day, someday we’ll be together,
No more heartbreak, no more tears,
Just me and you together in love.

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By: Joan Rangara