If you really know what good poetry is then this piece by Sandra Gitau, is sure to pull a few heart strings….


Is there someone there?
Someone ready to listen…
To this misery?

Is there someone, please?
-I’m dying here…
Save me from this misery.

Is there someone, close by?
Alone, I’m not strong enough
to face this misery.

Please, somebody!
My friends have run from me…
This misery is succumbing!

Is that somebody I hear?
Do you know the pain…
– That of my burdensome misery.

Someone is there?
Come quickly, would you?
Misery is not good.

Anyone?Please, listen to me!
Help me burn away,
This gruesome misery.

Someone say Yes,
Because I’m all alone,
With nothing else… But this misery.

Anybody? I can’t explain it…
I can’t breathe;
Misery breathes for me.

Anyone? Someone? Anybody?
This is the last I feel…
Misery starts to feel for me.

Doesn’t anyone care enough to help me?
To fight this misery – at least?

Nobody? Is there no one?
No one who wants to see me,
Live… Without misery?

Aren’t you always there?
– Only when I have no misery?

There’s nobody?!
Don’t I know many!
Not even one will keep me from misery?


Truly there’s no one.
We all are like darkness, in a moonless and starless night.
We are alone – Left to succumb to our own misery.

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By: Joan Rangara