Pop singer madonna has extended her charity works in Africa by opening a dance academy in Malawi. She has been a key figure in charity works within Malawi dating back to 2006 when she founded the Raising Malawi organization together with Michael Berg. Madonna has been doing charity work in the country ever since. The organization primarily focuses on uplifting communities that are suffering from extreme poverty.

This year, Madonna has decided to extend her initiatives in the country by opening a dance academy for children who want to pursue dancing. “Jacaranda is a very special place, as you know. The reason it’s so special to me is not only because there’s so many amazing, talented children here but there’s also amazing teachers and the founders are so passionate about what you do. It’s contagious,” she explained in a speech, “What’s going to keep us going is loving what we do and it’s great that you’ve created a place where children can come and continue to learn and love what they do.”

The singer expressed her joy towards the reality that the underprivileged children would now have an opportunity to explore their talent and learn other skills in visual arts, designing clothes, playing musical instruments and dancing.


The pop legend has a very strong connection with the African country. Out of her six children, four of them are adopted from Malawi. She often visits the country not only to promote her charity works but to also maintain that long relationship that she has established with some of the locals in the country.