One of the worst things that can happen to you in Kenya is being arrested on a Friday. That means you will have to be in a cell for the whole weekend, and the earliest you can be taken to court is on a Monday. That’s what happened to popular blogger Cyprian Nyakundi. Nyakundi who is known to write on controversial matters and take bigwigs head on has been arrested before, especially for his long-standing criticism with Safaricom. Last year, Nyakundi was found guilty of contempt of court after publishing information about Collymore.

However, the dispute didn’t begin today, or December. The feud between Nyakundi and the Safaricom boss began immediately after the latter took over from Michael Joseph. Back then, Lady Justice Njuguna issued a temporary order stopping the blogger from publishing any defamatory stuff about Safaricom or Bob Collymore. But who is Cyprian Nyakundi? He went aheaqd and published, then said he’d not been given any documents on the order. That was then, and the blogger has continued.

So on Saturday the lad tweeted that he’d been arrested by five CID officers and taken to Central Police station, adding that he was to be arraigned in court this Monday. He’s been tweeting from there, and one doesn’t cease but wonder how. He’s gone head-on against Bob Collymore once again, and the tweetsphere seems to be behind him.

Here is part of the reaction from KoT;

Cyprian appeared before the court today and fined KShs. 300,000 or four months in jail for contempt of court.